Hand painted patterns proven to put big trout in the net! Each crankbait is equip with super sticky VMC singles hooks to aid in catch and release. When in the fishes mouth, single hooks provide less leverage than trebles. This means better hook up ratios and easy releases. Floating and sinking options.


If your new crankbait isn't tracking straight, rolling on the surface, favoring one side, etc. then you may need to tune it!

DONT WORRY THIS IS VERY SIMPLE! With pliers, carefully check all hook hangers and make sure they are straight. Bend them to the straight position if need be.

If you lure tracks to the left or right you will need to make minor adjustments (in small increments) to the tow point on the nose. If lure tracks to the right, adjust the tow point to the left. Bend to the right if lure tracks to the left. Test the lure and make small adjustments until you get the desired action.