Keep your net accessible at all times with the Everett Lures Magnetic Net Release! 

Perfect for attaching to fishing vest and packs. *** 

We recently beefed up our lanyard with a smoke gray, steel cable core, coil lanyard. This thing is TOUGH! 

Rigging Instructions:	Remove Caribiner and Lanyard from magnet.	Hold the magnet so the Everett Lures logo is reading left to right. There should be a split ring on top and bottom.	Attach the top split ring to the D-ring on the back of your fising vest or other tackle bag attachment points.	Attach the bottom split ring to the top of your net using 1 or 2 zip-ties (not supplied). (See pictures for example)	The net should now be hanging vertically attached with magnet. Attach the caribiner at the other end of the lanyard to the bottom of your fishing vest or bag.	CATCH FISH!

Magnetic Net Release & Lanyard